It is in the headlines every day. It can’t be avoided at the grocery store, at church, at school, or anywhere in our communities. It is gun violence, and as National PTA President Anna King notes in the headline of her One Voice blog post, we are well beyond enough is enough.

Your PTA can take action to address gun violence in your community, in Illinois, and across the nation. You can start by responding to National PTA’s call to urge Congress to protect our children from gun violence, and sharing the link with your PTA members. Like Illinois PTA’s calls to action, you’ll find a pre-written letter to your Representative and Illinois’s two Senators, and it only takes a minute or two to complete the process.

Your PTA can share these National PTA resources on safe and supportive schools:

Finally, your PTA can host a School Safety Forum, bringing together families, school administrators, teachers and staff, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to discuss school safety. Things to include on the agenda for discussion are:

  • School safety policies and procedures, including how families will be informed if an incident occurs and how they will be reunited with their children
  • Family concerns about the school environment, school climate, and school safety
  • The role of law enforcement in the school, both during a regular day and during an incident

Other Resources on Gun Violence