One of the great things about being a PTA is that you are never on your own. There are great resources available to you from both National PTA and Illinois PTA, and you always have an Illinois PTA person you can turn to for help. It’s easy to forget, however, that PTA is made up of 54 state congresses, and those state PTAs also have resources you can use.

For example, if you wanted to improve your PTA’s efforts to include everyone in your school community, you might look at what Illinois PTA has in its online leadership resources, what we’ve written about diversity on the One Voice Illinois blog, or National PTA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion resources. However, you might not think to look at other state PTAs.

The New York State Board of Regents (their equivalent of the Illinois State Board of Education), has launched an initiative to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools across the state, and New York State PTA has created a toolkit to help PTAs increase their efforts in including everyone. In the toolkit, you’ll find:

  • What diversity, equity, and inclusion mean
  • How PTAs can serve every child in their school and community
  • How PTAs can promote diversity in their school
  • How to hold an inclusive PTA meeting
  • How to organize an inclusive PTA event
  • A list of diversity, equity, and inclusion reading materials and resources

When looking for PTA resources on an issue, don’t forget to look beyond Illinois PTA and National PTA. State PTA leaders have always talked and shared resources when they get together because they know that the issues that are important in their state for their PTAs are likely issues in other states as well. While the resources you find from other state PTAs might not be completely applicable to your PTA since laws, school governance, and school codes differ from state to state, you are still likely to find a lot of information you can use.