PTA leaders have long known that the reason most people do not join PTA is because they were never asked to join. While your PTA does great things in your school and community, talking about what your PTA has accomplished and inviting others to join you can be difficult. National PTA has created a set of new tools as part of its membership campaign toolkit to help you toot your PTA’s horn and get others to join your PTA.

National PTA has done extensive research into why people do or do not join PTA, and as part of that work, they have identified three questions that most successful PTA membership recruitment and retention campaigns answer:

  1. Why join PTA/PTSA?
  2. In what ways does PTA help me?
  3. How do those ways benefit me and my child?

National PTA has also helpfully provided the most common and powerful answers to those questions:

  1. PTA/PTSA creates connections.
  2. PTA/PTSA supports your child.
  3. PTA/PTSA amplifies your voice.

As part of the new tools, National PTA has also created a walk-through process with multiple pre-written, detailed long and short answers to those questions that you can use to create a custom value message for your PTA/PTSA.

The end result of the process is a customized elevator pitch for why someone should join your PTA. Additional tools to support the value message you create are also available, including social media graphics, print-and-go flyers, and customizable content flyers to help you get your message out to potential members.

Use the new value message tools and resources to support your membership campaign, and don’t forget that growing your PTA membership can also earn your PTA recognition from Illinois PTA.