Every PTA needs new members. Perhaps your PTA is looking to find people to help out. Perhaps you want to grow your membership to meet your membership goals in the Illinois PTA membership recognition program. Whatever the reason, you need to check out Membership Mania from National PTA.

Membership Mania is the update of last year’s “125 Days of Membership” in celebration of PTA’s 125th anniversary. Membership Mania is a fun, interactive way to integrate membership activities into all aspects of your PTA, connect with PTA leaders across the country, and explore National PTA resources. Plus, your PTA can win prizes for completing activities and challenges.

Start by signing up for Membership Mania. Encourage all of your officers and board members to sign up—the more of you who participate, the more opportunities to win. Once you’ve signed up, there are two live Zoom events and weekly e-mails, spread out in four focus areas throughout the school year. Each weekly e-mail includes fun activities and challenges that use many of the free National PTA resources. Completing the activities and challenges earn points for your PTA, and multiple leaders participating can earn multiple points. Prizes will be awarded to PTAs based on a variety of criteria.

Nothing is required to participate in Membership Mania, but your PTA will benefit more the more you and your fellow PTA leaders participate. Even if you are away for a week or two, all the resources, tools, and tips will still be available to you. Participating in Membership Mania will:

  • Help you and your PTA start the year off on the right foot
  • Provide you with the opportunity to network with other like-minded PTA leaders who want to focus on membership and make a difference
  • Teach you ways to strengthen and grow your membership to reflect and serve your PTA community
  • Provide you with the resources you need to have a successful PTA year focused on growing membership
  • Show you how to integrate membership into everything you do, moving membership beyond a single transaction
  • Let you experience firsthand the benefits of the PTA network at all levels.

Sign up for Membership Mania today, and encourage your fellow PTA leaders to do so as well.