As kids have headed back to the classroom from remote learning during the pandemic, it has become clear that many students have not been able to keep up with their grade level. Some school districts around the country are helping kids get back on track with extra tutoring, and some families are choosing to do the same to help their child. If you’re considering hiring a tutor for your child, Great Schools has a list of ten questions to ask before you make a decision.

  1. Who will do the tutoring?
  2. What are the tutor’s qualifications?
  3. What is the tutor’s track record?
  4. Where will the sessions take place?
  5. How many students will be tutored at a time?
  6. How will the tutor measure your child’s progress?
  7. How often will the tutor communicate with you and your child’s teacher?
  8. What is the policy for cancellations and makeup sessions?
  9. What if your child doesn’t improve?
  10. How can you reinforce your child’s learning?

For more information on each of these questions, check out the article. If your child is struggling, be sure to have a conversation with your child’s teacher about their challenges. Their teacher may be able to recommend resources or things you can do at home to support your child’s learning instead of hiring a tutor or may have a recommendation if tutoring is the path you have decided to take.

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