Family engagement is critical to student success, and it plays a big role in your PTA’s success as well. National PTA has rolled out several new resources to help your PTA step up its family engagement efforts.

National PTA recently released the latest update of the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. Accompanying the release was a virtual town hall with National PTA President Anna King and US Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona (YouTube video of the town hall) and an episode of the National PTA podcast Notes from the Backpack on How Policy Shapes Family-School Partnerships with Dr. Darcy Hutchins, the Director of Family-School Partnerships at Colorado Department of Education.

The resources from National PTA about the revised standards provide you and your PTA several ways to engage with the standards and your school or district to improve family engagement. In the Explore the National Standards section on the page, you can drill down into each standard to discover how your PTA can help implement the standard.

In addition, National PTA has released the results of a survey of over 1,500 parents and guardians nationwide on how schools are engaging with families, and where they are failing. The survey questions and answers can provide your PTA with ideas of areas to pursue improved family engagement.

National PTA centered its family engagement activities a few years ago by creating The Center for Family Engagement. You can sign up for the Center’s newsletter in the sidebar to receive periodic updates with the latest in family engagement resources and ideas, as well as upcoming grant opportunities to help your PTA implement new family engagement activities. The Center’s resources section focuses on how your PTA can use family engagement to transform your school, while the training section provides you with links to recorded videos and webinars as well as an online e-learning course.

Finally, National PTA has incorporated the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships into a turnkey program for your PTA, the School of Excellence program. Enrollment in the program runs from May/June through October, and PTAs that sign up then implement the program throughout the school year. It can have a tremendous benefit for your PTA and your school. Illinois PTA believes so strongly in this program that the state board has focused on supporting PTAs implementing the program throughout the year. Plan on signing up for next year’s program this spring.