National PTA has a wealth of tools to help your PTA build its membership. One tool that you might have missed is the Membership Minute short videos shared on social media. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way or a location where you can find all of these videos in one place, so we’ve collected them here for you.

National PTA has hosted these on Loom, a site for sharing short videos. Tip #10 we’re still looking for, but haven’t found yet.

  1. Give a PTA Update at a Staff Meeting
  2. Incentivize Staff to Join Your PTA
  3. Have Some Car-Rider Line Fun
  4. Challenge Your School Community
  5. Engage High School Students
  6. Plan a Mid-Year Membership Drive
  7. Speak at a School Board Meeting
  8. Put a QR Code On It
  9. Engage and Challenge High School Clubs
  10. ?
  11. Create a Fun Membership Theme
  12. Host Family Friendly Events
  13. Use Your PTA Logo
  14. Track Your PTA Membership Progress
  15. Let’s Talk About Inclusive Meetings
  16. Use Public Spaces to Highlight the Work You Do!