Illinois PTA highlighted National PTA’s podcast Notes from the Backpack about a year ago as the first season finished up. The award-winning podcast is starting its third season, and PTA’s Center for Family Engagement is even more focused on providing the information that families need now and the resources to help spread the word.

The third season has started out with topics addressing the issues that many are focused on, including:

Also with season three, National PTA is releasing a toolkit for each episode (available at the bottom of the episode’s page) that includes sample social media posts, a newsletter blurb, and graphics your PTA can use to promote the episode.

Check out the new season of Notes from the Backpack as well as past episodes, and use the new episode toolkits to promote each episode to your PTA members and school community. Sharing these resources can help your PTA show the value your PTA is providing your school and families.