As school budgets continue to shrink, school districts are turning to their local communities to enhance children’s education. The Family Education website has a slide show of 10 Ways to Get Community Support for Your School.
Their ten ideas are:

  1. Organize workplace tours
  2. Have a career dayChild And Adult Reading
  3. Volunteer reading programs
  4. Interview local community members
  5. Attend community events
  6. Organize summer learning activities
  7. Be active on social media sites
  8. Arrange face-to-face interaction
  9. Encourage use of school facilities
  10. Organize special programs for star students

Engaging your community in your school and PTA provides an opportunity for those who do not usually interact with the school district to see the great things going on in the schools as well as a chance to see the needs that the school may have. Such engagement can be beneficial to building support for school referenda to build new buildings, renovate existing ones, or increase school funding. Be sure to check out the article for details on each of the ten points above